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Here are the top 10 biggest pain points employees reported

  1. Technical issues with software and other tools
  2. Interruptions and disruptions from Slack, emails,   and noisy office environments
  3. Poor communication from management/lack of training and information
  4. Disorganized and time-wasting systems and processes
  5. Misguided decisions from management /bad leadership
  6. Lack of flexibility / no opportunities to work from home
  7. Overworked/under-resourced team
  8. Office politics/favoritism
  9. Difficult customers
  10. Too many meetings

Do any of the above look familiar? 

The results presented a wide variety of pet peeves . . . from slow Wi-Fi to a lack of training materials; but, here’s what’s striking about the results . . . the top complaints are easy fixes. Some of the most demoralizing aspects of work for your team are actionable items that leaders can resolve.

If you downplay the impact these pet peeves have on your workforce, then perhaps this next chart will reinforce the need to take a hard look at your organization:

Percent of people who would leave their companies for 10% salary increase


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