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For years, leaders of organizations (both large and small) have heard about the dangers of workplace harassment. Since 2017, victims of workplace harassment have grown increasingly vocal in reporting incidents both via traditional channels and social media platforms.

According to a survey conducted by NPR, an astonishing 81% of women responded that they had been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. Add in race, religion, age, and other forms of protected workplace harassment, and it becomes easy to see how that number grows closer to 90% of all Americans (male and female) having a legitimate reason to claim they were illegally harassed at work.

Here are some statistics that will offer some alarming insight…


of victims intentionally decreased their work effort



intentionally decreased the time they spend at work



intentionally decreased the quality of their work



lowered their performance



spent work time worrying about the incident(s)



lowered their commitment to the organization



quit their job due to the uncivil treatment


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